Other spatial data

Publicly available spatially-referenced schistosomiasis and LF data. Note that there is currently no publicly accessible database of HAT data.

Please contact me if you know of additional resources to include in this list.

Name Description Geographical extent Temporal resolution Link
Global Atlas of Helminth Infections Point prevalence survey data for schistosomiasis, LF and soil-transmitted helminths  Global  Various http://www.thiswormyworld.org/
Global Neglected Tropical Disease Database Point prevalence survey data, predominantly for schistosomiasis in Africa  Global  Various http://www.gntd.org/


Other relevant spatial data associated with disease transmission e.g. the population at risk, the disease vectors etc.


Name Description Geographical extent Temporal resolution Link
Demographic Health Survey Cluster-level data on various indicators collected during the national surveys. The clusters are selected to be representative at the national or subnational level (region/province), and primarily focus on child and maternal health.  Global  Various http://spatialdata.dhsprogram.com/
Malaria Atlas Project Point-level Anopheles mosquito presence data (one of the vectors of lymphatic filariasis).  Global  Various http://www.map.ox.ac.uk/explorer/